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Yerevan Nightlife

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Yerevan has a rather vibrant nightlife. On a walking distance from each other, there are bars, pubs, clubs, wineries open till late at night. Many pubs are located on Parpetsi street dubbed as “Pubetsi” among the young. For the wine bars Saryan street is a more popular choice but not the only destination for wine lovers. Below we’ve compiled the most up-to-date list of popular nightlife venues in Yerevan.

Wine Bars

In Vino

In Vino wine bar, Yerevan

In Vino is claimed to be the first specialized wine bar & shop in Yerevan. It’s located on Saryan street which is a popular street for wine bars. Besides its wide selection of Armenian and overseas wines, this bar is also a place to socialize with people if that’s what you’re looking for. The close vicinity of other tables creates an informal atmosphere, nice music adds to the good mood. They serve cheese and meat platters with wine. The prices are reasonable (2$ for a glass of local wine).

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Cozy and relaxed atmosphere
  • Big variety of wines

6 Martiros Saryan St, Yerevan


Tapastan Wine Bar, Yerevan

Tapastan is another great enoteca down the street from In Vino. They serve Armenian cuisine plus Spanish tapas the latter being the constituent part of the name Tapastan. If you ever find yourself here try “Two pieces of Fish” and if you are really hungry try “Crazy Steak” – it’s huge. Be sure also to check the collection of tapas.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Nice rusty interior
  • Accommodating people
  • Delicious fused cuisine

6 Martiros Saryan St, Yerevan

Voskevaz Wine Time

Voskevaz Wine Time, Yerevan

Voskevaz is further down the Saryan street. This place features big halls, a nice balcony. A high-end and impressive wine bar that has its own atmosphere and ambiance. It’s especially worth mentioning the gourmet grade food. If you hesitate about what to choose from the menu just go for the dishes with “chef” in their names. The house wine Voskevaz Rose is a nice choice for a leisurely evening dinner.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Rustic-style decor
  • Professional and cordial staff
  • Best combination of wines and steaks

6 Martiros Saryan St, Yerevan

Wine Republic

Wine Republic, Yerevan

Located near the Cascade Wine Republic is a popular venue for a pleasant evening pastime. You’d probably need a prior reservation before going there. A neighboring restaurant of Asian (Thai) food belongs to the same brand. Recommended dishes to try are “Shrimps in garlic and herb butter” and “Mussels with Roquefort sauce”. The wine selection is diverse.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Fast and pleasant service
  • Nice decor
  • Friendly and casual atmosphere
  • Mussels with blue cheese with a glass of Pinot Grigio wine

2 Tamanyan St, Yerevan


Aperitivo, Yerevan

Located to the left side when facing Tamanyan statue near Cascade. They have an assortment of European dishes and a collection of teas. Though it’s a popular wine bar you can enjoy a morning tea or coffee here. Try home-made beef and stuffed cabbage dolma.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Superb location
  • Pasta and steak
  • A wide range of wines

1/3 Tamanyan St, Yerevan

Enoteca EVN Wine bar & shop

Enoteca EVN wine bar & shop, Yerevan

Located near the crossroad of Abovyan street and Sayat-Nova avenue Enoteca EVN has a certain charm to it. The menu includes appetizers, cheese platters, Italian dishes and local cuisine. The place has seats both inside and outside. Staff is delightful. If you happen to encounter the owner strike a conversation to hear his friendly presentation about the wines.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Live jam sessions
  • Big selection of wines
  • Unique atmosphere

6 Sayat-Nova Ave, Yerevan

Pubs & Bars


Calumet, Yerevan

Calumet positions itself as an ethnic lounge bar in Yerevan. The interior is designed with ethnic Armenian elements. They have multi-cultural cuisine, cocktails and other beverages as you’d expect from a pub. Sometimes they host art exhibitions, local and international music bands in a live performance. This is a lively spot at times even crowded. They have a face control and entry-only-for-couples policy.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Underground vibe
  • Meetings with interesting people
  • Live performances once in a while
  • Awesome music

56a Pushkin St, Yerevan


Hemingway's pub, Yerevan

Underground pub to the left of Tamanyan statue in Cascade. Their barman Nyam has a good imagination when it comes to drinks. This pub is open well after the midnight, though the air is often thick with heavy smock there. There are books on the shelves to read and reflect on:) The interior is a mix between a hipster lounge and a disco.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Chill place
  • Little cozy dive-bar
  • Good house wine
  • Super friendly crowd

1a Tamanyan St, Yerevan

Eden Cafe-Pub

Eden Cafe-Pub, Yerevan

Eden is on the left side when facing the Cascade stairways. There are tables where they serve food, drinks and hookah and a dancefloor downstairs. When in Eden try their “Apple poison” cocktail. This is a nice spot to hang out with friends.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Funky atmosphere
  • Best cocktails

1 A Tamanyan St, Yerevan

Liberty Pub

Liberty pub, Yerevan

Located on Mashtots avenue near the crossroad with Pushkin street Liberty pub has a wide choice of beers and cocktails. Ask for their “Adios MF” cocktail. They also serve tasty snacks with a beer like fish or pizza. The atmosphere makes you predisposed for dancing.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Attentive and unobtrusive service
  • Amazing music
  • Low prices
  • Great bartender

36 Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan

Simona Bar

Simona Bar, Yerevan

It’s hard to spot Simona if you are not specifically looking for it. Laid back environment, special beverages, hand-picked music make Simona different from the competition. Middle-aged people frequent here more often. This place favors couples so you’d have difficulties getting in with a group of guys but you might as well try.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Tasteful interior
  • Delicious cocktails
  • Lounge music

80 Aram Street, Yerevan



Paparazzi club, Yerevan

Paparazzi is a dance club for your night-outs. The local and visiting DJs make some cool club mixes to wear you out by dancing. You get to the club by elevator, it’s on the fourth floor with nice views of the surrounding areas. There’s an entrance fee (3000 AMD) and no-single-guys policy)). They also have a rooftop cafe.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Best DJs
  • Classy crowd
  • Colorful interior and high-tech visuals

3 Abovyan St, Yerevan

Stop Club

Stop club, Yerevan

Stop is one of Yerevan’s top and oldest live music clubs. The bands mostly play rock music. An attendance fee is charged on days of live performances. It’s a 2-floor venue, the band plays downstairs. Upstairs is a kind of balcony from where you can follow the performance.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Rock music and beer
  • Kind and helpful staff

37 Moskovyan Street, Yerevan


Dos Amigos

Dos Amigos, Yerevan

Dos Amigos is a lively latino pub on Mashtots avenue not far from the crossroad with Amiryan street. They serve colorful cocktails. The dancing couples fill the dancefloor pretty quickly in the evening.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Latino dances
  • Friendly environment

15a Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan

Amigo Latino Club

Amigo Latino Club, Yerevan

As you may have guessed from the name this is a latino club so you’ll see people dancing salsa, bachata, merengue and even chachacha and kizomba here. If you don’t know the steps don’t you worry, they will teach you the basic steps before the dance starts so give it a go! They have separate days for each dance style.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Makes you go wild
  • Warm hospitality
  • Get to know new people

41/4 Abovyan str., Yerevan

Yankee Pub

Yankee pub, Yerevan

Yankee is another latino pub in Yerevan though you would not tell it from the name. They have professional salsa dancers who hit the dancefloor usually after 9 pm and make quite a performance. You can join them or just watch them while sipping your beer.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Charming atmosphere
  • A party place
  • Crazy Friday nights

3 Sayat-Nova Ave, Yerevan

Jazz Bars

Malkhas Jazz Club

Malkhas Jazz Club, Yerevan

Well, you certainly need to visit Malkhas club if you are into jazz otherwise you risk missing a gem. Run by a world-class jazz musician Levon Malkhasyan (Malkhas) this place is a jazz lover’s heaven. The food and drinks are expensive but an evening spent here is well worth the bill. We recommend you stay till the closing to witness the lineup of excellent jazz artists including Malkhas himself.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Amazing jazz
  • Soulful atmosphere
  • Creativity in jazz and old-school charm

52/1 Pushkin St, Yerevan

Club 12

Club 12, Yerevan

Club 12 on Teryan street is an entertainment venue for middle-aged people with mostly jazz live performances after 9 pm. There’s a 3000 AMD attendance fee included in the bill. A beautiful music and a relaxed ambiance are conducive to dancing.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Lovely interior
  • Awesome band
  • Good cuisine

91 Teryan St, Yerevan 0009

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