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Yerevan Cafes & Restaurants

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Yerevan cafes and restaurants offer a unique mix of European cafe culture and Asian touch. The city center is bustling with numerous outdoor and indoor, high-end and casual restaurants & cafes. In some of these places you will hardly get in without a prior reservation while other places are not that busy yet possess an air of nonchalance and distinct style. To spare you from disappointments when it comes to dining out or grabbing a warm cup of coffee we’ve made his little guide to help you out when you look at the cafes and restaurants in Yerevan.


Yerevan restaurants can cater to the most capricious customers. You can probably find a restaurant offering popular dishes from the major international cuisines like Asian, European and American. The Armenian dishes, of course, start off the variety.

Tavern Yerevan

Yerevan Tavern restaurant, Yerevan

Tavern Yerevan is probably one of the most popular restaurants in Yerevan, both with locals and tourists. The menus have pictures of all the dishes so can see how something looks on the plate before ordering it. The menu includes true Armenian dishes, even those forgotten or not commonly prepared anymore. They also serve dishes from other Caucasian countries. The interior design features traditional Armenian elements of decor. They also have live dancing/singing performance in the evenings. This is a chain of restaurants with several branches Yerevan. It is recommended to book a day in advance.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Mouthwatering dishes
  • Service exceeding expectations
  • Freshly baked bread
  • Reasonable prices
  • Succulent Armenian cuisine

5 Amiryan St, Yerevan
91 Teryan St, Yerevan
7 Paronyan St, Yerevan
29/2 Khorenatsi St, Yerevan


Lavash restaurant, Yerevan

Lavash restaurant defines its goal as to present the Armenian cuisine in an innovative and contemporary way. They’ve incorporated vintage design elements into the interior. The core concept of this restaurant is to revive the little-known Armenian centuries-spanning tradition of breakfast wraps. On the first floor, you can witness the process of baking a bread, gata and, of course, lavash. On the second floor, there’s a private hall for events and special occasions. A prior reservation is recommended.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • One of the best kitchen for traditional Armenian food
  • Spectacular pomegranate wine
  • Outstanding service
  • Freshly baked bread
  • The place exceeds all your expectations

21 Tumanyan St, Yerevan

Caucasus Tavern

Caucasus Tavern, Yerevan

Caucasus Tavern has recreated a traditional Caucasian environment in terms of the interior design and the menu. English-speaking personnel and reasonably priced delicious food. They have a section of the menu for vegetarians, a non-smoking area, and occasional live music. The menu has a picture of every dish and ingredients in 4 languages including English. Sometimes it takes like 20 minutes to bring the order but to give the due credit it is really good.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Moderate prices
  • Big portions
  • Non-smoking area

1st Floor, 82 Hanrapetutyan St, Yerevan


Dolmama is a 20-years-old restaurant in Yerevan cultivating the traditions of Eastern Armenian (current Armenia) cuisine. The menu is specifically created to revitalize Armenian indigenous cuisine after the Soviet rule. This restaurant has a delightful romantic garden setting, over-the-top service and, of course, a bill matching its excellence. The place has vintage decor and a pleasant ambiance. Though their staple dish Dolma is made with meat they have some vegetarian options to choose from.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Amazing service
  • Perfect English is spoken by waiters
  • An at-home feeling
  • Exquisitely made food

10 Pushkin St, Yerevan

Though the title has ‘Cafe’ in it you can have a fine dinner here so we decided to include it with the restaurants. You would never know a souvenir shop has a cafe/restaurant at its backyard if we didn’t tell you:) Dalan is kind of hidden, you should pass through a gift shop / art gallery and exit through the back door to find yourself in a charming summer garden. This gives a feeling like a friend has invited you for a dinner. They also have an indoor restaurant upstairs. The art gallery is also there. This is one-stop-shop for lunch/dinner, souvenirs, gallery and, sometimes, live performance

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Quaint and romantic feel
  • The art gallery
  • Awesome Armenian handcraft
  • Simple and creative

12 Abovyan St, Yerevan

Mozaic Sky Restaurant

Mozaic Restaurant, Yerevan

This one is special because, well, it is a sky restaurant. Mozaic is located on the top floor a skyscraper in Yerevan. You are guaranteed a beautiful city skyline view. As argued by the owners, Mozaic is the highest restaurant in Yerevan with a breathtaking view. It is great for romantic dinners, personal and business meetings. The restaurant combines Armenian, European and Oriental cuisines. Prices are not cheap as one might expect)

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Breathtaking panoramic view
  • Top notch service
  • Pork ribs and cheesecake
  • Perfect portion sizes

Elite Plaza Business Center, 17th floor, 15 Movses Khorenatsi Street, Yerevan


Yerevan has a relaxed and easygoing cafe atmosphere. After the day’s bustle finishes, people usually like to head to the evening city cafes – to catch up with their friends and just to have a good time.

The Green Bean

Green Bean, Yerevan

The Green Bean cafe promotes an environmentally friendly lifestyle. You can see that in their interior design and the menu: there are a lot of options for vegetarians. This is really a chill cafe to hang out with your laptop, meet with people or to participate in an event at times(movie screening, anybody?). A handy deal is to try their lunch combo of a sandwich, salad, and a drink. The hummus veggie wrap is also a tasty choice. And for a breakfast, the muesli bowl is a healthy start. There are 2 Green Beans in Yerevan, we’ve listed both addresses below.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Many vegetarian options
  • Quick and friendly service
  • Non-smoking area
  • A proper coffee shop

10 Amiryan St, Yerevan
38, Isahakyan St, Yerevan


Achajour cafe, Yerevan

Achajour is a self-service cafe with 2 locations in Yerevan. The name Achajour translates to “Source of Water” in Armenian. The more scenic of those 2 cafes is the one located in the lovely Lovers’ Park near “Marshal Baghramyan” metro station. They serve coffee, tea, smoothies, pastry, salads, wraps, sandwiches and so on. The feeling you get there is like being on a picnic in a mini forest. Achajour is another laptop-friendly cafe where freelancers like to work. Except for the open-roof area, this is a non-smoking cafe. In the winter the cafe in the parks stays close but the other one on Parpetsi street works year round.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • The “Roasted Bread”
  • Soft music
  • Green environment
  • Excellent for breakfast

21 M. Baghramyan Avenue, Yerevan
22 Ghazar Parpetsi St, Yerevan

Dargett Craft Beer

Dargett Craft Beer, Yerevan

Dargett is advertised as Armenia’s first craft brewery, that is, they have a big variety of craft beers. But even if you are not a big fan of beer they offer a myriad of other beverages and a good selection of main courses. As per other beverages they serve cocktails, spirits, Armenian wine & brandy, smoothies, lemonades, coffee, and tea. Main courses include soups & salads, seafood, pasta, pizza, burgers, grilled vegetables and meat, pork ribs, sausages and more! Dargett has well designed spacious indoor and outdoor areas. It’s often full of people in the evenings starting from day 1.)

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • Best beer selection
  • Tasty pizza
  • Top quality venue
  • Superb Western-European vibe and decor

72, Aram Street, Yerevan

Baguette & Co.

Baguette & Co., Yerevan

This is a French-style cafe/bakery in the center of Yerevan. They offer morning specials & nutritious breakfasts. Fresh croissants, pastry, salads, and aromatic coffees are what they are good at. There’s also a takeaway option. The place is near the Moscow cinema.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • The chocolate almond croissant is to die for.
  • Fresh & delicious French pastries
  • Fresh bread
  • Young and friendly staff

28 Tumanyan St, Yerevan

Louis Charden


Louis Charden cafe, Yerevan

Like Baguette & Co. Louis Charden is also a cafe – bakery. They serve classical French breakfast to complement peaceful Yerevan mornings. The veranda with large glass windows is a nice place to enjoy your lunch or breakfast and watch people pass you by. Their staples are locally made pastries and croissants but they also serve lunch dishes. The staff is friendly and speaks English quite well.

What Do People Like About This Place?
  • “Bucatrini amarciana” spaghetti
  • Viennese style
  • Trendy cafe
  • The croissants

11 Amiryan St, Yerevan

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