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When to visit Armenia and what to do there

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To help you decide when to plan your visit, I have a table here showing you the average temperature and the total rainfall of each month.

Avg Temp °C Avg Temp °F Rainfall Total mm
January -8.5 16.7 38.3
February -8.1 17.4 21.6
March 0.2 32.4 36.9
April 5 41 40.4
May 10.3 50.5 83.6
June 15.1 59.2 51.8
July 19.0 66.2 35.4
August 20.0 68 25.2
September 16.6 62 17.2
October 7.6 45.7 48.6
November 1.9 35.4 48.1
December -1.1 30 33.9
Average 6.5 43.7 481

With Yerevan being among the top ten trending destinations to visit in 2024 according to I know you have questions in your mind like “when to visit Armenia” or “what to do in Armenia”. To answer all of your questions, we have prepared an in-depth guide for you. Read on to know about some great activities you can enjoy in Armenia during your trip.

But before that, here are some facts that make Armenia a great place for your next visit:

  1. Armenia is the land of one of the oldest civilizations. It’s home of centuries-old monasteries like Tatev monastery complex and Geghard Monastery, the world’s oldest winery Areni, Khndzoresk cave-village and a lot more
  2. Speaking about history, Yerevan is older than Rome! However, it’s a modern, young, and paceful city. Here you can combine the nightlife and visiting historical sights on a single trip!
  3. Armenia has some unbelievably beautiful nature spots like Dilijan national park, Khosrov Forest State Reserve, Devil’s Bridge and it’s incredibly beautiful caves.
  4. Armenia has nice weather around the year. There is no much snow around in your country? Visit Armenia in winter. Want to enjoy the warming sunshine and swim in azure water? Come to Armenia in the summer. Hit the road to Armenia in spring to restart your mind with blossoming apricot trees across the country. And get inspired by the astonishing and colorful sights when you call on Armenia in autumn.
  5. No trip would be complete without some great food, right? Well, Armenian cuisine is rich and mouthwatering, I mean it.
  6. Armenia offers a wide diversity of activities for all seasons from rafting and diving to city walking tours and nightlife.

As you see, Armenia has earned the right to be among top traveling destinations, so let’s find out which is the best time to visit Armenia for you!


Spring in Armenia
Photo by Alexandr Hovhannisyan on Unsplash

I know it’s a common stereotype that spring is not the best time for traveling, but, believe me, it has a lot of advantages. The hotels, airfare, and other fees are slightly cheaper, the weather is mild. The best part I like about traveling in spring is that most sights are not overcrowded. You remember those pictures with Great China Wall or Taj Mahal surrounded with so many people you wouldn’t be able to see anything, don’t you?

So, let’s see what it’s like to travel in Armenia in spring. The first month may still feel like winter but two adorable months come afterward. April and May are the best months for a refreshing tour in our sunny country.

Typical spring temperatures average around 17°C in Yerevan but can be lower at higher altitudes and higher in some places at lower altitudes.

In between your visits to Armenia’s finest museums, historical sights, restaurants, and other places of interest, you should attend some spring festivals. Here are just a few of them:

Barekendan Festival
  • March 2-3 Pambak: Byurakan
Yerevan Wine Days
  • May 3-4 Yerevan, Saryan str.
Dolma Festival
  • May 19 Hnaberd, Ararat

There are A LOT of other festivals in Armenia round the year, so you won’t feel blue during your spring visit to Armenia.


Summer In Armenia
Photo by Sergey Isakhanyan on Unsplash

Everyone likes summer holidays, I bet you do no less than me. But the big question is “where to travel this summer?”. Keep reading to know why you should choose to visit Armenia this year.

Summer in Armenia is full of sunshine and joy! The country has got all you need for unforgettable holidays.

While the Armenian summer is hot, you can still enjoy clear and refreshing air, especially in the northern parts of the country. This is due to the low humidity level. I know you hate the feeling of having no air to breathe in hot summer days. The temperature in Yerevan can get as high as 40-42°C, but you can always take a tour to Sevan and immerse yourself in the cool water of the lake.

Some activities that Armenia offers in the summer are rafting in the mountain rivers, diving in the Lake Sevan, visit Jermuk or other health resorts and sanatoriums, treat yourself with a bunch of craziness at Yell Extreme Park, go for hiking or walking tours, and much more. If you are not sure which places worth during your visit to Armenia, check out this article on “Top 15 best places to visit in Armenia”.

Don’t forget to check some summer festivals celebrated across the country. Spoiler: The little gourmet living inside you will be more than delighted!


Autumn in Armenia
Photo by Vruyr Martirosyan on Unsplash

Autumn in Armenia is full of all the colors of nature’s palette. The view of mountains covered with forests of vivid and bright colors is just breathtaking. So visit Armenia in autumn to fill your soul with glow and sweet memories.

The weather in autumn is diverse. You can enjoy hot sunny days in September, occasional rainy, yet colorful days in October and a bit colder November. As long as the high tourist season is over, you’ll be able to get most of the services with discounts. The average autumn temperature in Yerevan varies each month. It’s somewhere around 30°C in September, 20°C in October and 13°C in November.

Autumn in Armenia is at its best from the beginning of September until the end of October. I suggest you taking hiking tours to Lake Parz or Lake Gosh in Dilijan National Reserve for breathtaking autumn scenes. And, if you are a real hiking enthusiast, then taking the Transcaucasian trail would be more than perfect.

Armenia is relatively a green country, so you’d find nice parks in many cities and towns. No doubt, you’ll get some nice photos for your Instagram account 😉

And again, make sure to include some festivals and holidays to make the most out of your autumn holidays. Areni Wine Festival, which is held at the beginning of October, is a great opportunity for you to get acquainted with Armenian winemaking traditions, see the world’s oldest winery in the Areni-1 cave , and, of course, taste delicious wine and cheese.


Winter in Armenia
Photo by Nerses Matinyan on Unsplash

We are all happy when Christmas is in the air, especially Armenian air!

If you are from a warm country and haven’t seen much snow, then spending your winter holidays in Armenia is a perfect choice. Most of the country is covered with snow, lots of snow. Winter is the best time to visit Tsakhkadzor and other Resort-towns of Armenia, enjoy winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, skating and much more.

Here in Armenia Christmas is celebrated on the 6th of January and we also celebrate the New Year. The holiday mood covers the country starting from the 20th of December. You can find Christmas trees, New Year decorations, and souvenirs in every corner. Don’t forget to visit North Avenue to see the New Year market, taste Armenian wine and coffee, and buy some gifts.

-10°C is what we call normal, not cold winter. Don’t forget to grab some warm clothes with you

We like to say that there are 12 seasons in Armenia, not four. Each month has strongly expressed characteristics. Some of the months even have nicknames like “crazy March”. Visit Armenia in any season and enjoy each to its fullest.

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