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Top 10 Countries to Visit If You Love Mountains

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If you have ever climbed a mountain, you know how the real victory feels. After hours and even days spent walking your way up, no other feeling can be compared to standing on the peak and looking at all the way you have overcome. It’s one of the best manners to challenge your body and soul. The route is not easy, not even for professionals, but it’s where you feel free like a bird.

However, hiking is not the only activity of mountain-lovers, in fact, it’s one of a wide range of things you can do in the mountains. So, if you can’t think of anything else except climbing, here I have a little guide on what to do in the mountains.

Activities in the Mountains

As I have mentioned above, there are many things you can do in those heights. While hiking is the most popular one, there are things you should absolutely try

  • Trekking is a form of walking with the purpose of exploring and enjoying the surroundings.
  • Rock Climbing in the mountains includes climbing up or down natural rock formations.
  • Mountain Biking is for people who love extreme and bikes. It requires special bikes designed specifically for rough terrain.
  • Rope Activities like zip wires, via Ferrera, and via Cordata are very popular among mountain lovers.
  • Snowboarding and Skiing and other winter sports are of high popularity too.

Top 10 Countries for Mountain Lovers

Did you know that only 20% of the earth’s land is covered with mountains? While that may seem a huge number, unfortunately, a lot of people living in the other 80% of the earth have no opportunity to engage in mountain activities. When travelling is the only option, in this case, there are many places to visit. Here I have the list of the top ten countries to visit if you love mountains.


Swiss Mountains

There is no doubt that Switzerland is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world. Among all the enchanted castles, museums, first-class hotels and nice beaches that tourists are in love with, Switzerland has a lot to offer to mountain lovers. Most of the country’s area is covered with mountains and here you can enjoy mountaineering to its fullest.

Here dense forests and beautiful mountain lakes make the experience awe-inspiring. The majestic view that opens from the peaks of numerous mountains of the country is what a true nature lover needs to feel in heaven. You can try any mountain activity in these peaks from skiing to ziplines.

Standing 4,634 meters (15,000 feet) above sea level, Dufour Peak is the highest summit in Switzerland. Some other accessible peaks with breathtaking beauty are Eiger, Aletsch Glacier, Breithorn, Matterhorn and many others I won’t be able to speak about in a single article.


Rocky Mountains, USA

The United States is a large country and not every state is honoured to have picturesque peaks. The “Mountain” states are Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. These states encompass the US Rocky Mountains. However, Rocky is not the only mountain chain in the country, the Appalachian Mountains and the Sierra Nevada are also well known with high peaks and mountain activities.

No matter which type of mountain activity you like, America has a lot to offer. Heliskiing in Anchorage, hiking a 14er in Colorado or exploring the canyons of Moab can make a great start for a mountaineering trip to the country.

New Zealand

New Zealand Mountains

New Zealand is another popular tourist destination that inspires and challenges mountain lovers from all over the world. Most part of the peaks is situated in the South Island where mountains, ice, snow, and huge glaciers make up a picturesque view that can excite your soul and pacify your mind.

No matter if you are fond of hiking, canyoning or skiing, New Zealand has something to offer to your liking. This considerably small country is the home of 70 major river systems which makes it a great place to enjoy a mountain river rafting.

Aoraki or Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand standing high 3,764 meters (12,349 ft). The accessible peaks of the country you should absolutely see or even climb when you happen to be in the country are Mt Taranaki, Aoraki Mt Cook, Mt Aspiring, Mitre Peak, and many more.


Tanzania Mountains

Did you know that around 40% of the land of Tanzania is reserved as protected areas? This gives the opportunity to enjoy wildlife to its fullest. When it comes to mountains Tanzania is mountainous in the far-northeast. Mount Kilimanjaro at 19,340 ft. (5,895 m) tall and is Africa’s highest peak is located here. The mountain of light, it’s what the name means, alone is a major attraction with three main volcanic peaks, Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. It has a diverse ecosystem and has many sights for you to enjoy.

The Rubeho Mountains are considerably lower in elevation but make a great attraction with picturesque views and accessible peaks for hiking. Mount Meru, Oldonyo Lengai, and Usambara mountains are well worth visiting.


Armenia Mountains

Real mountain lovers are explorers who always want to have a new view of the world from a different peak. If you are one of them, then Armenia is the place for you. This small country consists of nothing but bumpy lands covered with dense forests and many charming sights. The highest mountain of the country is mount Aragats, which has four peaks of about 4000 meters. Other picturesque and accessible mounts are Kusanats, Mets Kirs, Azhdahak, Khoustup, and Ukhtasar.

In Armenia, mountaineering is especially memorable due to the historical scenes that can be found behind each peak and the diversity of the ecosystem. From rafting and canyoning to zip lines and rope sports, Armenia offers a wide range of mountain activities


Mount Everest

When I think of Nepal, Mount Everest is the first thing that comes to mind. Climbing the world’s highest mountain requires special training and is rather dangerous for amateurs, but tourists head to Nepal to take a view on the mount themselves. Other popular mountains among international tourists are 14 peaks of Annapurna massif, a part of the Himalayas with some spectacular sights like Gandaki the world’s deepest gorge. 

However, Nepal has a lot to offer to amateur hikers as well. The accessible peaks under 7000 meters are Island, Mera, Lobuche East, Yala, Pisand and many others. Be aware that you should physically be prepared to climb all of those mountains and make sure to consult a doctor before you do so.


Peru Mountains

Peru seems like a wonderland even if it had nothing to show but the lost city of the Inkas, mysterious Macchu Picchu. The unique historical sight itself is situated in the Andes Mountains on the height of 2,350 meters (7710 feet), between two remarkable peaks of  Machu Picchu (“Old Peak”) and Huayna Picchu (“New Peak”). 

The Andes cut the country from north to south which makes it impossible to imagine a landscape of the country without rising peaks looming on the horizon. Most of the peaks are above 5000 meters, and about 30 of them stand as high as 6000 meters and more. Nowadays, Peru offers one of the widest range of mountaineering activities from hiking to ice climbing.

To keep it short, Peru is a dream for every mountain lover no matter you are a professional hiker or just an amateur.


Mont Blanc

Traveling to France? Then the city of love, Paris is the first thing that comes to mind. But for wildlife and mountain passionates like me, France has a lot of sights to offer as well. 

France has its fair share of the nicest peaks of the Alps. Mont Blanc shared with Switzerland and Italy, is the highest mountain of the Alps with 4,810 meters height (15,781 feet) and is a major tourist attraction.

Besides, the Ecrins, Vanoise and Mercantour national parks, and much more accessible peaks situated in the territory of the country make France an exciting place for people who love to jump from one peak to another to discover the world. 

Some popular peaks are Grandes Jorasses, Aiguille Verte, and La Meije. If you’d like to go somewhere undiscovered than Barre Des Ecrins, the Dôme de Neige wait for your discoveries.


Mount Fuji

Japan is a major tourist attraction for tourists from all of the corners of the world and mountaineering is an inseparable part of it. Over 70% of the countries area is mountainous with the highest peak of Mount Fuji standing at 3,776 meters (12,388 feet). So you can imagine what a wide variety of trails there is to choose from. The nice thing about hiking in Japan is that each of your steps is full of the culture and history of one of the oldest civilizations in the world. 

Mount Takao, Tate, Mitake, Norikura, and Kaimondake Volcano are among other awe-inspiring mountains of Japan you should visit.


Australia Mountains

Australia is synonymous with wildlife. While there are many rumours and legends among tourists about the dangers of this country, Australia is still one of the major tourist attractions of the world.

Australia is the home of high mountains with some of the most breathtaking views in the world. You won’t imagine, but some of those peaks are covered with snow, so if you like diversity, then this hot country with snow-white peaks is the place for you. Here each step brings to a waterfall or dense forests so your exciting trip is guaranteed.

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