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Have you Been to Stepanavan Dendropark?

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Hey travelers! it’s a while since my last post and I came back with a post about a big dendropark north to Yerevan called Stepanavan Dendropark. It’s not your typical tourist destination but well worth a visit as it host lush trees from around the world. It was founded in 1931 so you can imagine how big the trees got since then. To me the highlights of the place are the sequoia trees. They are gigantic

Sequoias in Dendropark, Stepanavan, Armenia

There are a lot of varieties of fir trees. If you wander close enough to the trees you’ll see plaques with information about the country of origin and the genus of the tree. There is also a garden area with nice flowers

Flowers in the Dendropark

We met a local man who told us about the surrounding forests. Turns out there are a lot of varieties of mushrooms growing there. Each season has it’s own special mushrooms. Locals do know where to find them and what kind of mushrooms are edible. Unfortunately though, mushrooms are not abundant in the restaurant menus and you’ll hardly find them in the local shops. So if you’re interesting in finding those beautiful little fungies like I do, you need to ask around to find an experienced local guide.

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Book a memorable tour to this arboretum with us. The route to dendropark passed through the city of Vanadzor, once an industrial hub of the soviet Armenia. You’ll witness a charming scenery of green valleys and mountains covered with forests along the road. To book a tour just click the chat button in the bottom right corner and let us know about your preferences.

Before we part, I’ll share this tree image that looks like it’s been taken out from some painting) See you there!

Tree in Stepanavan Dendro

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