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Goris, Khndzoresk

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Goris is a quaint little town with its own unmistakable style. It is situated 250 km (155 mi) south from Yerevan at an altitude of 1400 m (4593 ft) above the sea level. The surrounding mountains, famous for their medieval cave dwellings, contribute to the alpine climate with soft snowy winters and mild summers. The houses in Goris follow a common architecture with facade stones traced with a rounded layer of concrete and the roofs are painted red. You’ll notice a running irrigation water alongside the sidewalk and beautiful climbing rose bushes near the gates.

Short History

In the area of Goris, there was a human settlement since the Stone Age. During the medieval times, cave dwellings were inhabited. Located on the east side of the town, cave dwellings are preserved to this day and are part of Old Goris. During the times of the Silk Road Goris was a silk exporter to European countries. After the fall of the short-lived first Armenian Republic in December 1920, Goris became the de-facto capital of the newly formed Mountainous Armenia Republic. Alas, this new formation only lasted 8 months before it was capitulated by the Red Army.


Khndzoresk is a historical village near Goris famous for its 160 m (525 ft) bridge over a canyon with a breathtaking view and hundreds of ancient cave settlements. Located on the right side of Goris – Stepanakert highway Old Khndzorsk used to be the largest village in 19th century Armenia. The notable historical monuments are

  • St Hripsime church
  • A hermitage
  • Khndzoresk castle
  • 2nd millennium BC mausoleum

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